7 Essential Steps to Become a Transformational Leader

Transformative (adjective) – someone who changes in character, form, appearance or structure

There are many types of leaders.  There are many styles of leadership.  Those leaders who successfully guide and position their organization for the future while developing their people are known as transformative leaders.  If this is how you want to lead, integrate these 7 actions into your daily routine.  The steps are simple, the actual work is hard. It demands focused, mindful and deliberate action. In this post, we’ll look at the first four attributes and, in a follow-up post, we’ll handle the other three.

  1. Create an environment where YOU aren’t the only decision maker. Build a team where others have the authority and flexibility to make decisions. Sure not all the decisions will be right, (I know mine weren’t) but learning from those “not so good” decisions is how your team members will grow.  This are often indelible lessons, both personally and professionally. Healthy organizations distribute decision making.
  2. Plant a talent tree. A self-confident leader will surround herself with people who are better than she is in specific areas. A humble, transformative leader may need to remind herself (or be reminded) that she isn’t the only one who is good at what she does.  Delegate appropriately and often. Be ready and willing to learn from others regardless of their role in the organization. This shows that you are open and vulnerable. Seen from your team member’s eyes, you are real and approachable. Turn to a colleague tmonarch-400x271o teach you and you’re demonstrating trust and confidence. Remember it is an honor to teach, so create “moments to teach” for each of your team members. Give them a chance to shine!
  3. Don’t take your title too seriously. The platform on which your title and authority sit is not meant to be permanent. Don’t get too content or take your position too intensely.  If you fall into this trap, you’ll reduce the joy in your life and deny others the opportunity to know you as a human being.
  4. Invest your leadership energy fairly. Many leaders invest their energy in those who are at the next level up or down. Translated; this means that a VP spends most of her time with those one level below her (directors) or one level up (presidents). This is both selfish and self-promoting. Transformative leaders spread their energy, observations and attention around. They search for talent and potential at every level of the organization. They get to know the entire team.  They provide a listening ear, take time to celebrate a small success and willing share their stories and knowledge. In organizations, we all have colleagues and friends.  People who just “get us” People with whom getting along is easy and natural.  Transformative leaders reach beyond this stratum.

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